A Girls’ Guide to Staying Fit

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It’s very important that we keep our bodies in shape. There are so many sicknesses that we can get down the road if we don’t stay fit. Here is a guide for us girls to stay fit even if we can’t always make it to the gym.

Start Your Day Off With A Hearty Breakfast

Photo Credit: health.com
Photo Credit: health.com

Breakfast food like bacon, scrambled eggs, french toast, sausage and pancakes is delicious, but it’s really not good for you. Instead start the day off with oatmeal, steel cut or rolled oats that aren’t flavored are good. A fruit and vegetable smoothie without artificial sweeteners are good too and will keep you full until lunch time.

Eat Clean… Most Of The Time

Photo Credit: talkshoe.com
Photo Credit: talkshoe.com

Eating clean can be hard at first, but once you get the hang of it you’ll be off to a good and healthy lifestyle. Clean foods are not processed and are usually so called “real” foods. Eliminating sugars from candies and carbs will show a huge different in your body and ultimately you will feel better.

Jillian Michaels’ Videos

Photo Credit: healthyceleb.com
Photo Credit: healthyceleb.com

Jillian Michaels is tough. Her videos will work you out and for the most part they’re short so they wouldn’t take up the bulk of your day. They also don’t call for a lot of equipment, the most you’ll need is two sets of hand weights, a 3lb and a 5lb, and a mat for comfort when you’re on the floor.

Group Exercise Classes On and Off Campus

Photo Credit: ihrsa.org
Photo Credit: ihrsa.org

Most campuses have group exercise classes. When exercising in a group you’re most likely to enjoy it and come back for more. Group classes range from cycling to aerobics. If you’re doing an on campus classes it’ll most likely be free if you show your student ID and if you’re doing an off campus class you’ll probably get a discount because you’re a student.


Photo Credit: health.com
Photo Credit: health.com

Walk everywhere. Instead of taking the elevator, take the stairs. Where you would usually take a bus or drive, walk instead. Walking is one of the easiest ways to burn calories and we all do it. Fifteen minutes a day should do the job and get you pumping.

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