May 10th, 1994- July 13th, 2015

Moira you were the sweetest, most loving person that I’ve met in my high school years. I met you in my Freshman year in Ms. Frey’s Computer Design class. You sat at the computer adjacent to me and we would smile at each other and say hello. It wasn’t until May of Freshman year when we both tried out for the cheerleading squad and made it, that we became close. All through the summer at cheer camp we became very close because you were the flyer and I was your back spot. Our stunt team ( Moira, Nicole, Amanda and I) were the dream team and we were so good that we were invited to audition for the National Cheerleaders Association. We continued doing great things when we went back to school for the 2009-2010 school year. We conquered the basket toss, liberty and other fun stunts that wouldn’t have been possible without you our wonderful flyer. Not only were we working hard, but we had fun together making jokes, knocking on our team members doors and running away. It was a great time.

In May 2010, you turned 16 and you invited me to your sweet 16. It was one of the most elaborate parties I have ever been to and that’s where I found out that you were a talented Latin dancer. I was amazed by the way you danced, but I wasn’t surprised. That August, I also turned 16 and I will never forget how you traveled from the Bronx to Brooklyn to celebrate and have a good time with me. That’s when I knew you were a special friend.

During junior and senior years I was never really around after school because I was in college classes and doing other things, but there was never a day where we didn’t speak or you didn’t run up to me and hug me. At graduation you made sure to come over to me and hug me for one last time, I was in too much of a hurry to take a photo with you and that’s one of my biggest regrets now.

I would always watch your dance videos and be so proud of your progress and I just knew that one day I would see you on “Dancing With the Stars”. But that was cut short when you were in that terrible accident that cost you your life.

I found out and I cried for hours and my mom and grandma felt my pain because they knew how much of a good friend you were to me.

I will forever miss you and I cannot believe that this has happened to you of all people.

Rest in Paradise my sweet. I love you.

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