December 6, 2014. A day I will never forget for as long as I live. It was an ordinary, cold, very cold with a chance of freezing rain in the evening, Albany day. It was a Saturday and I was scheduled to do an opening shift at the women’s clothing store where I worked. I lied opening shifts because I could come home while it was still light outside.

This Saturday we had to dress like “Santa’s Helpers”. A black dress or skirt and top, belt, high boots and a Santa hat, which was going to be provided by management. The day before, I went to Payless to purchase boots for this one event with every intention of returning them the next day.

I had fun at work that day and I was scheduled to work the next day which was not a problem because Sunday shifts were pretty short. Usually I don’t eat breakfast so I was so hungry by the time my shift was over. I said goodbye to my coworkers, promising them that I would be back the next day.

I took the bus home, stopped by CVS to get a snack to hold me over until I decided what I wanted to eat and made my way home. My best friend and my roommate shared my hungry sentiment, but when I got home she was taking a nap. So I ate my snack and took a nap also. We both woke up around the same time. She wanted pizza and I decided I wanted Chinese food. Neither of us wanted to pay the $1.00 delivery fee so we decided to trek outside in the freezing rain to get our food.

I was in my favorite fuzzy pajama pants, black UGGs, sweatshirt and heavy coat and I had my umbrella. We carefully took our time and crossed the two streets that would get us to our destination. We got our food and decided to go to CVS for a juice that would only cost us $1.00.

On the way back we were laughing and joking and walking fast so we can get inside to eat or food and warm up our bodies. Just as we get to the crosswalk, the final one before we get to our apartment, I look both ways and I don’t see any headlights. So my friend and I are making our way across the street when out of nowhere I see headlights. I walk faster than my friend so she’s a couple of steps behind me, but by the time we both see what’s going to happen it was too late.

I get hit by the car, my food and drinks go flying across the street as I also go flying in the air. I thought I was going to die. I laid on the wet and cold concrete for five minutes before I realized I wasn’t dead. I was in shock so I got up and continued to walk to my apartment, but my friend and the driver told me to come back, lay down and wait… Let’s just say I never saw my coworkers the next day and I never returned those Payless boots.

A year and seven months later, I still have flashbacks and I am in pain some days. I will never be able to be as active as I was, even though I really try, but I’m glad I was given a second chance at life.

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