First, let me make it clear that I used to hate wearing dresses and getting dolled up. I’ve since grown to love my figure and I am way more comfortable in my skin. OKAY!

2012…I was scheduled to graduate high school and go to prom. I hated shopping for dresses especially formal dresses. I hated Sweet 16 shopping so I knew this would be painful.

I hated wearing color then and I hate wearing color now. So I knew i wanted something black. Back then, I was really overweight so I wanted something simple that wouldn’t show my non-flattering body. We went looking online and I really wanted a Jovani dress. I used Jovani for my beautiful Sweet 16 Dress. So I was familiar with their dresses and how they fit and how beautiful I would look in one.

As soon as I looked on the website, I saw the dress that I had to have, I showed mom and she agreed , so I really had to get it. Black, long, chiffon and with a high neck that showed a little cleavage….I had to have it. I hoped and prayed that the dress would be available in a store near me…sure enough it was found in the dress shop three blocks away from my house.

Happy isn’t even the word to describe how I felt when I tried on the dress and it fit and I was ready to purchase and take it home. That was in February. Prom was June 1. I had to wait about three months to be able to wear it.

June 1 finally came. It was time, I was going to be beautiful in my dress with my hair, makeup and nails done and all my jewelry and accessories. Well…I put on the dress and when it was time to zip it up, there was trouble. I had definitely gained weight. “Hold your breath.” “Pull in your stomach.” “Oh My God it’s not going to fit.” All were coming from the peanut gallery…AKA my mom and my sister Tatiana. Well, yeah we finally got the zipper up…and 10 seconds later it came back down.

All that stress eating from senior year and not working out really got to me and I gained so much weight that I ripped my prom dress. Well that was okay because see, I went to a high school where I majored in Fashion Design so I did a quick fix so no one could tell that it ripped.

Since then, I haven’t had a need to buy or wear a formal dress, but when the time comes I’ll know to buy it closer to the time of the event and not eat so much and go to the gym.

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