Spring semester really killed me and whipped me into shape and showed me the type of student I am. Even though I complained, had sleepless nights and earless days, contemplated dropping out, cried almost every single day and lost a couple of friends I made it.

I’ve been checking for my grades for a week now and I settled on getting B- and nothing less. Well I exceeded those expectations for myself and I am extremely proud. One class in particular really made me want to give up and find full time work somwhere, anywhere. I ended up with a B in the class and when I found out, I cried. Only my close friends know what I was going through.

So to those people that kept my sane this semester, I want to say thanks you.


Thanks for being there and putting the battery in my back. Thanks for letting me know that I could do it and we were going to do it together. Thanks for keeping me laughing in the newsroom and even at home.

Mama Lex

Thanks for being my newsroom mom. You’re one of a kind. Thanks for always keeping me in check. Both in mind and body. You’re the best.


Thanks for being my education partner in crime and always engaging in interesting conversation with me. Looking forward to what’s in store for us next semester.


Thanks for keeping me sane from 165 miles away. Thanks for always reminding me that I was smart and that I could do it. Thanks for also trying to have me keep up with the news so I knew what to report next.


Although you missed a majority of my stress. Thanks for coming back into my life and brining laughter and great conversation. You’re the smartest person I know and you keep me leveled, so thanks.

There are other people who helped me, but those five really were there for me and I’ll be forever grateful.

Two semesters down, one to go.

Thanks for listening.

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