Weekend Snapshot: What I Did This Weekend.

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I started at my internship. It was fun. We are working on a podcast about education in NYC. My boss also bought me lunch and you can’t turn down free lunch right?

The bus ride to get back home was a nightmare as I spent 40 minutes just waiting for the bus. I hate taking the bus, the streets are crowded, people are running out into the streets; it’s really a hot mess. So just know it took me 2.5 hours to get home.

After that travel fiasco, I came home and did some writing and went to sleep. Excited for the next day.


This was the best day of my weekend. I was able to hang out with my father, who I haven’t seen in three years, and all of  my siblings, well except my little sister who had to go back to school. It was good to see my dad, who is actually my twin and catch up with my siblings. We had a lot of laughs and my eldest niece Shawnté also joined in on the fun. Not to forget it was a BEAUTIFUL day outside. Warm and sunny and I didn’t want to just go home and take a nap.

My girlfriend said she wanted to go to Brooklyn Bridge Park and my niece was with me so why not make a good date out of it. We met up and chilled at the park for a couple of hours, it was a great time.


It wasn’t really the best day. It was rainy and there were other circumstances that made the day suck. I came home and tried to take a nap but to no avail. I also decided to write….a lot.

This weekend was about a 75 percent. I’ll have better ones.

Thanks for listening.

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