I’m a New Yorker and I’ve been one all my life. I love my city. I love the fact that there are an abundance of opportunities here, there’s a lot of people who don’t look like me and it’s far from boring. So why might I be saying bye?

Earlier last week, I was told by my career services advisor that I should start applying for jobs or at least start looking for jobs in my field. I already know that I don’t want journalism to be my top choice. I’d much rather work in social media, I got a taste of the good life and I don’t want to go back.

There’s a lot of things I want to do and I can do them anywhere. New York has become a place that I don’t enjoy anymore.

For those of you who don’t know. I had a small break from the city when I went upstate for undergrad. Those four years showed me that life in the city wasn’t really all that. But for some reason, I loved the city life and I missed it. In the spring of my senior year I visited Boston and automatically fell in love. City vibes but not as busy or dirty has NYC. So I told my mom and my friends that Boston is a place that I’d want to live. Nobody wanted to hear that. And of course me being the people pleaser that I am, I held off on those plans.

Now I’m back in the city and I wouldn’t say I’m unhappy but I’m stressed. I always dreamed of living in an apartment on the Upper East Side, single and successful. Or living in Brooklyn heights with my spouse and kids. Now, I don’t want that to be my ending.

For now I’ll stay because it is what’s familiar, but if I’m able to get a job away from the city I might be at the head of the line to board the plane.

Thanks for listening.

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