Am I Something To Be Proud Of? 

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I was walking down the street,minding my business when my phone lit up with a notification from Twitter. 

I was in complete shock because it has been a long time since anyone has said they’re proud of me. I was also in shock because I only met Taylor in July of last year and we haven’t had an in depth conversation since then. I mean she follows me on social media and vice versa and I always like her posts about things she’s accomplishing and stuff, but our connection otherwise is limited. 

Why do I get a message of pride from someone who is almost a complete stranger and people who are friends and family never tell me that they’re proud. 

So I thought about it. I’m 22 years old, i just finished up a year in grad school with one more semester to go, I run a blog, work in my field with three jobs, have the summer internship of my dreams, I’m a content creator, I’m working on a book, starting a business and, for the most part, I stay out of trouble. Is that something to be proud of or is that what I’m supposed to do. 

The truth is, after I graduated from college and moved back in and was told no I’m not proud that what you’re supposed to do, I didn’t expect anyone to tell me they were proud of me. I don’t rely on other people to tell me they’re proud just so I can have the satisfaction that I’m doing something great. 

I’m proud of myself. Every odd was against me growing up. Single mother house, in the hood and black. I could’ve taken the route many of the people I grew up with did. I could’ve been a teenage mom, I could’ve sold drugs, I could’ve been fighting people on the street and I could’ve been a murderer too, but I didn’t succumb to the environment around me. And for that I am extremely proud. Maybe people aren’t as proud because they don’t know where I’ve come from or what I’ve been through to get me to the point that I am. And frankly nobody needs to know my past. Just know that I have a bright future ahead of me. With or without someone telling me that they’re proud of me. I guess it’s just nice to hear it once in a while and from people who I would like to hear it from. But until then, I’ll just keep doing what I’m doing and reaching higher. At his rate, nothing and I mean nothing is going to stop me. 
Thanks for listening. 

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