Ever since my accident, I’ve been kind of obsessed with fitness. Maybe obsessed isn’t the right word, but your girl loves working out. In a previous blog post I talked about how I gained so much weight after the accident and how I went to the gym to lose all of that weight between my junior and senior years of undergrad. Well I was being very consistent with my healthy eating and my working out and I saw great results. I’m not going to sit here and write that I don’t backslide and have weeks where I don’t go to the gym and I eat terribly.

I do cardio (treadmill walks and runs, bike and elliptical), I lift and I dance. My favorite of all though is lifting.

So of course I have to do cardio to keep the fat off, stubborn fat, but I only do it for 45 minutes tops. Then the real work begins. I do squats on the Smith’s Machine for a bit of assistance because my knee is still shaky. I love the lateral pull down machine, the leg press machine, the glute machine, ab machine. chest machine, hell every strength machine in the gym you will find me working on it.

Once I found out that I wouldn’t get bulky by lifting and that it would actually help tone me and shape my body to my curves, I decided to give it a try. The first time I noticed what my natural shape was once I started lifting I was simply surprised, not to mention I wanted to show it off. I’m super happy when I work out in general but lifting really sets me off.

Here’s a sample of a workout. This was leg day.

Leg Press 3×15 at 10 lbs to start

Leg Press 3×15 at 50 lbs; wide, narrow and normal stance

Leg Curl 3×21 at 50 lbs

Leg Extension 3×15 at 40 lbs

Glute machine 3×15 at 55 lbs alternating legs.


Thanks for listening.

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