I want to eventually work for myself because I realize that’s going to make me extremely happy, however for now my dream job is in social media.

I actually work in social media now. I’m the social media analyst for CUNY Office of Workforce Partnerships and I’m in charge of their, yup you guessed it, social media. I love spending endless hours behind a computer screen curating content for CUNY. I actually started working in social media during my undergraduate career at Albany. I was the Historian for my Pre-Law fraternity. I had to do everything from scratch since I was a part of the founding class. I built a website, started Instagram and Twitter pages and used emails to track our progress. I held that position for a year until I moved on and was a part of the Her Campus Albany network. After I became editor-in-chief, it was apparent that I had to build our brand.

At Her Campus, I created all of our social media accounts and tracked our progress with those. I also had to write and edit articles and have those shared appropriately on our social media sites. It was very fun, hard, but fun.

So a position similar to what I’m doing now and what I’ve done in the past is the ultimate dream. There’s just something about curating content that people love and thinking, “WOW I did that!”

Thanks for listening.

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