broken-heart_1f494I apologize in advance for the vulgar language that I am about to use.

Cheating is for weak minded individuals. People that don’t have the courage, the strength to tell their partners that they no longer want the relationship.

My group chat was ringing off the hook the other day as one of my friends was crying to us about how her man cheated on her. We knew it though. The stories that she would tell us were red flags, signals were blasting off in our heads. Well she finally found out because the other woman “came to her as a woman.”

After a few rounds of “you’re a great girl” and “he’s just a jerk” and “he doesn’t know what he’s missing,” I finally blurted out “FUCK HIM.”

I’m the mean, tough one in the group so I know they were waiting for me to start cursing him out in the chat. Well I went for it and I was livid. All of the emotions from my own experience with cheating came back to me.

Being cheated on is not fun. You find out and you’re heart broken. You might cry, you might get so mad you break things, you might just up and leave and not say anything in that moment. A couple of days pass and you wonder what’s wrong with you, or how could you have stopped it. Why couldn’t you be better for him or her. Were you not pretty enough? Were you too fat? Too outspoken? Bad sex? You want to know what’s wrong with YOU. In actuality ain’t a damn thing wrong with you because you’re not the cheater.

Like I said cheaters are weak minded ass fuckers. Why couldn’t you be a man or a woman and say , “listen it’s not working out for me I want to break up,” or “I don’t find you attractive anymore.” SOMETHING.  The lack of communication in today’s relationships is the reason why we’re FUCKED.

Weak minded ass people who cheat and then still come home to their partner, still pretend that their partner is really THEIR PARTNER are sick. SICK ASS INDIVIDUALS WHO LIKE TO PLAY GAMES. Someone’s heart is not a game. Some people, like me, take that shit to heart and it ruins relationships for them going forward because that trust just isn’t there. Granted everyone is different and you shouldn’t treat every relationship the same but hey it happens.

I have no doubt that my friend is going to bounce back from this. She is literally the whole package. Gorgeous with a full time job. She has a great head on her shoulders, is moving on her own at the end of the month and has a great attitude. She’s a catch. Unfortunately her bum ass ex didn’t realize it or he took it for granted.

I can’t imagine cheating on someone I love and if it’s not working out then we’re either going to try to figure it out or move on. There’s no cheating. If I ever get cheated on again that will be the end because my trust is already at 0 percent.

So if you take anything away from this…Don’t cheat…leave. 

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