I know I’ve been in a funk for the last couple of weeks, but now things are slowly coming together for me, and when I say slowly I mean less than 1 mile per hour slow. I can’t complain though because at least things are starting to come together.

I’m not going to say I’m 100 percent happy. It’s more like 85 percent, but that’s way better than the 35 percent that I’ve been feeling.

I’m starting to realize that I need to be grateful for the things that I DO have and not worry about what I don’t. I don’t have those things for a reason. Maybe I’m not ready for those blessings yet or I’m ready, but it’s going to be of such a large magnitude that I have to wait a while.

Yesterday as I was sitting in the newsroom talking to my four closest girlfriends about life and I was laughing and felt in a really good place, then I met up with my baby after and had a good time. At those moments everything that I was stressed about, worried about, concerned about went out the window and I was in that moment. Sometimes you have to focus on the present, what’s happening in the now and forget all of what’s happened in the past or what you’re worried about for the future. You can’t control your past and you don’t know what will happen in the future,

So, I’m slowly learning to live in the now and so far I’m liking it. However, right now I should be doing some work, so I’ll get back to that.

Thanks for listening.


Featured image from nappy.co/ taken by: @photosbyphab

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