….A J-School Story

Eddy, Liz and I were sent out on assignment to cover a sad story about a young child who died because of a faulty elevator. The elevator never came but the doors opened, the baby and the mom fell and the baby died because of the injuries.

How we were going to get access to the building was beyond me because in cases like these its hard for student journalists to get the story. Liz and I met up at the bus stop and took the bus to the apartment complex, which is might I remind you a private area and you can’t get in without an ID or if you’re a guest of someone who lives there.

Liz and I walked around Coney Island for the longest time. I was telling her, a non-native NYer, about how I knew a lot of people who lived out there because my middle school was nearby. Just as I said that, one of my middle school friends was standing outside of the very building we needed to get into. THERE WAS OUR TICKET, OUR STORY WOULD BE DONE.

Fast forward to about 3 hours later, Eddy had since joined us and we had gotten our story. We decided to just stay outside and chill a little before going back to school to get our stories in.

We saw that news van (channel 7, Eyewitness News) and before we knew it we were talking to AJ Ross and her cameraman Angelo. They were so gracious to us, giving us a tour of the news van and giving us advice as young journalists. It was great.

I actually ran into Angelo a few months later and he remembered me. That was honestly one of the best days of my reporting life.

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