A J-School Story…

IMG_1411My mentor set me up with the opportunity of a lifetime.

I’ve known her for most of my life. She’s my former pastor’s wife and she also teaches at the J-School. One day, when my grandmother came from church she told me that my mentor wanted me to call her. Of course I hate talking on the phone and I also hate not knowing what I’m about to talk about. So I waited about 15 minutes before I called.

She gave me a lead, “The Mayor is coming to our church on Sunday. He will answer any question you have.”


I would talk to one of the most powerful people in the city. Cool.

Sunday came. I woke up early and was at the door by 9 a.m. Mommy and nana were also going to church that day, to support me.

When I got there, my mentor and her son were there (that’s my friend Izzy) and her husband…the pastor. They said my Borough President would be coming too. I was familiar with him, actually we knew each other very well as I interned at his office for two summers. My Borough President and I laughed it up, talked about where I was at the time and he said if I ever needed a job, to come to the office and he’ll see to it that I get one. (Make those connections people).

IMG_1420Then the Mayor came in, he is so tall and for one I had to look up to someone. My mentor introduced us and I was also introduced to his wife, the First Lady.

I didn’t end up writing a story on what was talked about in that office that Sunday, but I did gain a lot of respect from the people at my former church, who then realized that my journalism wasn’t for play…this was serious business.

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