Last night was the school’s end of year party. The classes of 2017 and 2018 come together, forget about all of our deadlines, news and worries and just let loose and party.

While I was at my j-school mom’s house before the party, chilling and drinking with my friends I realized I was graduating in 13 days I was going to miss them so much.

While we were on the train headed to the party, Keke was like, “guys are we still going to be friends.” And without hesitation I said yes. Of course.

These people have watched me grow from a timid 22-year-old to a confident 23-year-old who is about her business and doesn’t hesitate to have fun. And they’ve actually helped me grow.

So of course I’m going to miss them.


Each of them know what they mean to me because I don’t hesitate to let them know, but I hope to continue this bond I have with each of them.

Thanks for listening.

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