A J-School story…

Dec. 2 was my last graduate school party and I had all the fun in the world. I really enjoyed myself.

My J-school mom invited me to her house to co-host a pre-game party. The last time she did, I didn’t show up. But I was young, dumb and in love (lmao okay that’s not the reason, but still.)

I decided to POP OUT and make my momma and DeWayne proud. The ride to Harlem was rough, my dress was riding up (thanks to DA BOOTY) but at least my coat was covering it up.

I finally got to Harlem, got up to momma’s apartment and her and DeWayneeeeyyy were already there getting lit. I’m that shy person that plays with the dog in the corner so I did that until DeWayne poured me up a shot of Vodka. The way to my heart is Vodka, I’m a weirdo I know. Anyway, more of our friends came, people were looking for my other half (why? idk, I’M HERE PAY ATTENTION TO ME THANKS) and then we went out to find this place which was in Chinatown.

The party was in an old fire house. And it was lit (no pun intended).


Seeing all of my friends.

Winning the Milly Rock competition (YERRR ONE TIME FOR BROOKLYN).

Everyone knowing me as the dancer of the J-School.

Seeing my girl Teranderose.

Finally getting dressed up and stepping out.

Partying with Reece (UA ’16 in the building yerrrrr)


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