Family edition…

Christmas is my favorite holiday. I guess it goes back to my childhood when I would get a thousand and one gifts because I was the cute only child. Or maybe it could be the decorations and my mom driving me around to see the lights in Brooklyn. It could also be the hymns that we sing at church. The point is, Christmas is my favorite holiday.

Every Christmas without fail, I would be with my mom and grandmother. Mommy would take the Christmas pick (vacation) just to be able to spend time with me (thanks mom). Most years we went to church at 6 in the morning, come home, call my daddy, eat breakfast and open gifts. I had all the fun in the world and of course I’m always extremely grateful.

When I got older, say senior year of high school until now, I started to feel “lonely”. All of my friends had cousins, siblings, family that was close to their ages or they all had that one house they would go to and celebrate. I wanted that too.

Yes, I have siblings, but they’re older. Yes, I have cousins my age, but they live far. So after the gift opening, I would quietly go in the corner and use whatever I ended up getting. My view of Christmas also changed once I got older and cared more about my mother and grandmother than myself. The looks on their faces whenever they open gifts that I bought them WILL ALWAYS BE PRICELESS.

Merry Christmas

I can’t wait until I have a family of my own so we can have amazing Christmases and my kids can have the same joy that I have about the holiday. Since my family is small, I always wanted to be in a relationship with someone who had a bigger family than me. I would have the opportunity to make them my family too, buy gifts for them, spend time with them, etc. Anyway, I can’t wait to celebrate my favorite holiday, in my own home, surrounded by the people that I love…my family. When that day comes, I promise I’ll be the happiest girl on Earth.

On that note, Merry Christmas.

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