“You have an excellent work ethic.”

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It was my last day at White House Black Market in Albany, NY and I had mixed emotions. For the past two years, I had grown to love my coworkers. We bonded on slow store days, they were there for me when I was hit by a car, they celebrated my graduate school acceptances, they drove me to my dorm on snowy or cold days and even when it was super dark outside. I was really going to miss them.

So, on this last day, they threw me a party. Well not a wild party, just some cupcakes and sparkling cider in the backroom with cards filled with well wishes. I became close with one of the older sales associates at my job. She was an extremely amazing baker. Whenever there was a birthday or a holiday, she would bake these immaculate cupcakes. She baked me purple and gold c/o 2016 cupcakes. The reason? In a card, she wrote to me that I had a great work ethic. I was shocked because I just thought I was doing what any other employee would do.

Her telling me that really signaled to me that in the workforce, at least, I was doing the right thing. So thank you Marie for those kind words, every time I want to give up or do half-assed work, I think of your words.


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