Since I just went grocery shopping today, I thought that this post would be very fitting. Also, it’ll give you a glimpse into what I eat. A recipe blog post will come soon.

I live near Stop & Shop, which is excellent because when I lived at home we also lived near a Stop & Shop so I have a card where I can get the posted discounts. I always prepare myself by looking at the weekly circular. Do not underestimate the weekly circular. I always look for deals on vegetables because I love my veggies, but they are too expensive and unless there’s a discount I won’t buy them fresh. Then I look for discounts on fruits as well. These are hard to come by because I don’t like all fruit and sometimes buying them already sliced and on a platter is better and less time consuming. I check to see what condiments I need to refill and if there are deals on those. Condiments are so not cheap, but if I can get 2 for $5, I’ll grab them up. Last is snacks and staples like rice and pasta. Sometimes there are deals on these, but sometimes I’m assed out.

After all of that here is what a typical grocery list looks like:



Sweet Potatoes

Sandwich Bread


Sandwich meat

Fruit platter or whole fruit

Granola Bars





Lemon and lime juice




Chicken breasts (thinly sliced)

Cookies or Cookie Dough

Chips (if baby wants)

Almond Milk

Ice Cream


Turkey Bacon

Smoothie Mix


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