I have a very small circle. It’s more like a dot. Two friends and then my family. So who is there for me, rooting for me all of the time, listening to me and telling me to stop doubting myself?

That would be me. I am my biggest cheerleader and I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that.

I’ve been disappointed by people too many times to trust someone enough to tell ALL of my dreams, plans and accomplishments. So I’d rather not.

I am always there for myself. I dry my own tears, I give myself pep talks and tell myself that I need to get my shit together so I can be the best friend, girlfriend, sister, aunt, daughter and granddaughter that I need to be. I look out for myself more than anyone will.

When I’m down, I’m the one that picks myself up and dust myself off and says, “Girl quit fooling around.” Don’t get me wrong, I have a good support system, but if anyone was to cheer me on it would be unmatched to what I can do for myself.

I’m proud of myself. The woman that I have become and the woman that I am becoming. I am extremely hard on myself because I know who I want to be and I know that I am destined for greatness. I don’t know what other people see when they see me, but I know that I see an intelligent and bold young woman. Of course there are some kinks that need to be worked out, but we all have those things that we need to work on. I’m only 23.5 which contrary to my own belief is young, so I know I have time to get my shit together.

But with myself by my side, telling myself to keep going, I know I’ll be great.

Here’s a list of my other team of cheerleaders








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