I believe that I was a successful student when I was in school. I had a lot of ups and downs, but in the end I often became victorious.

Here are things that I did that made me a successful student.

Keep A Planner


My friends and colleagues used to laugh at me because of all of the planners and calendars I used. But guess what I never missed a deadline, a practice or an event because my planner and calendar was always by my side. I used Google Calendar so I could get alerts on my phone and laptop, the school gave us planners, then I bought my own planner and then I had a dry-erase board calendar to keep me in check.

Keeping a planner will save you a lot of stress, so get you one boo.

Study Time Means Study Time


When it was time for me to study, especially in freshman and sophomore year of college, I turned off my phone, blocked certain websites put in my headphones, turned up the music and got to work. Sometimes I would go to the quiet library on campus, the other library was legit a party library too social for me.

I had to take away all of the distractions because my grades were super important to me. Do what you have to do to eliminate distractions and focus on the real reason why you’re in school in the first place.



I am super shy, contrary to popular belief, so you won’t catch me introducing myself to someone or even standing at the front. In the spring semester of my freshman, a student came into my History class to talk about joining a co-ed pre-law fraternity. Back then I wanted to be a lawyer and he sold me. I went to the interview, was called and pledged. After the process I came out less shy and with a ton of new friends and connections.  

If there is anything that I learned from undergrad, it’s that it’s not WHAT you know, it’s WHO you know. Who I know has taken me places, and granted me opportunities that I could have never dreamed of.

Attending Office Hours


Office hours saved my ass so many times. I went the first or second week just to introduce myself to the professor because in some classes you can definitely be faded into the background, if you will. You want the professor to know you, to be able to call you by name in class, to be able to write a recommendation for you.

Going to office hours has bumped my grades up, given me someone to talk to about any and everything and given me excellent letters of recommendations SO GO.

Comment and let me know how you were or are a successful student.  

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