There’s a lesson in every situation

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In my sophomore year of college, I was in the marching band. One day when we were going out to do our field show, my friends and I smelled something pretty disgusting. It was dog shit and it was too close for comfort. About 20 seconds after smelling it, one of my bandmates said, “Tabia you’ve stepped in dog shit.” 

My first reaction was to yell and try to get off of the field. But I soon calmed down wiped my feet off and went out there and had one of the best shows of my career there. 

I was thinking about the situation last week, even though 5 years have since  passed, and I realized that I learned an important lesson that day. Sometimes you will get into shit, but you have to dust yourself off and move forward. 

This entire year, I’ve felt like I’ve gotten myself into some serious shit. Keeping most of it to myself for fear of embarrassment and judgment from other people. But, just like I did on that sunny day on the field, I’ve time and time again dusted myself off and moved on. Even though I smelled, I had the stain and I kept thinking about it, I kept going. 

If you are reading this and you’re going through some shit, big shit, small shit…whatever, I want you to keep going no matter what. Sometimes it won’t be easy, but when you pull through and reach that light and the end of the tunnel, you’ll thank yourself for not giving up. 

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