In my last semester of college, I fell in love with a girl and I knew that she was going to be a part of my life for a VERY long time. I was moving back to the city to live with my mom and grandmother because I accepted the offer to go to grad school in NYC. The issue is, if I was living at home, I had to hide the fact that I liked another woman and that eventually we would be in a relationship.

My girlfriend and I were on FaceTime every single day so I couldn’t really hide that fact that I liked her. I used to just tell my mom that she and I were great friends. After we made our relationship official in July, it was super hard for me to lay low and keep it a secret. I would go upstate a lot, go on dates in the city and again I was on FaceTime a lot.I basically used to come home from school, eat with the family, and run upstairs to spend time with her since we were long distance it was imperative that we FaceTimed.

My mom probably found out somehow and she started talking shit about what she would do if she had a LGBTQ child. Basically they couldn’t live under the same roof as her. So I took that as a mental note to try to get the hell out of there and fast. My girlfriend graduated from college in May 2017 and she was coming back to the city. I was set to graduate from grad school in December 2017 and I knew that I wanted to move out soon after that.

Searching for housing in NYC is a hot ass mess, but that’s a story for another day. One day I went out to the area where I live now and saw a couple of apartments that I loved. I went over it with my girlfriend and we came to an agreement on the place.

Besides the fact that I couldn’t openly be myself at home, I had always planned to move out after college and I like to keep my goals on track. I was also severely outgrowing my small room and I felt claustrophobic in the house. It was time to get my own space. Now, I’m flourishing. I have much more space, I’m happy I get to see my girlfriend everyday and I talk to my mom and grandmother everyday.

Let me know why you moved out when you did? Or, if you haven’t yet, when is the right time for you to move out?

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