Suitcase, backpack, duffel bag

Where are you going without these important necessities. You need a place to carry your clothing and everything else you’re taking with you no matter how long or short that trip is.


I definitely need headphones when I’m travelling. Even if I’m with my family or my girlfriend sometimes I just need my music to keep me zen. It can also drown out all of the foolishness that is going on around you as well.

Hand sanitizers

If you can’t make it to a restroom or you don’t need to use a restroom but you just touched everything in sight, hand sanitizer is your best friend.


I can’t function without my electronics so it’s very important that I have my chargers with me to give my electronics some juice.

Flip Flops

I learned this back when I started college and since then I  DO NOT take showers without flip flops on. IMPORTANT

Tote bag

If I know I’m going to the beach on my trip or somewhere where I need to bring a lot of things, I’ll have a large tote to throw my things into.

Water bottle

I can’t live without water, I mean none of us can, but I’m really a different story. I get cranky if I don’t have water so it’s very important that I have a water bottle so that I can refill as much as I like (also saving the environment).


Keep those arms, legs, hands and feet hella moisturized. I promise you don’t want to be ashy on vacation.

Travel size toiletries

It’s so much easier to carry around the travel size of toothpaste, toothbrush, soap, etc. It’s much lighter and easier to carry around.

Pen and Notepad  

I am always writing, so why would I stop just because I’m on vacation?

Deck of Cards

Sometimes I like to spice things up. If we’re bored one night or waiting for an event, why not play a card game or two.


You never know, get a small one just for travel.

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