Last year, right before the ball dropped for 2018, I learned about Bullet Journaling. I was extremely interested because 1. I’m a planner and 2. I’m creative. What better way to keep track of my life than a cute bullet journal.

I went to Barnes and Noble, picked up a pink bullet journal and started to plan out what I wanted my 2018 to look like.

Long story short, I got lost in the sauce and lost track of myself and my journal.

This time, I wanted to try again, but with guidance. I purchased Ryder Carroll’s “The Bullet Journal Method” so that I could really get my head in the game for 2019. (Ryder Carroll is the creator of the bullet journal.)

I finished the book in 3 days (thanks to heavy MTA train delays). I was ready to start my 2k19 planning.

Here’s what I’m keeping track of this year

  1. Skillshare classes that I’m taking.
  2. Tracking my driving lessons and finally getting my license.
  3. Books on my 2019 list
  4. Budget for each of the 12 months (It’s good to have a budget plan)
  5. Trip planning (I have three trips that I want to take this year)
  6. Restaurant list (tracking which restaurants I go to this year)
  7. Money savings tracker (each of the accounts has an ultimate goal)
  8. Doctor appointments
  9. Birthdays
  10. Weight loss tracker, in increments of 10.
  11. Date nights (it would be fun to look back on)
  12. Instagram tracker (I want to post more photos on Instagram so keeping track of when I post will give me an incentive)
  13. Spending log (it’s good to know where my money is going)
  14. Debt tracker (I want to pay off my credit card this year and I want to keep track of my student loan debt)
  15. Water tracker (I already drink water, but the goal is a gallon a day)
  16. Face mask tracker
  17. Master grocery list
  18. My favorite recipes (a goal to make more home cooked meals and switch it up)
  19. Monthly challenges (I’ll write a blog post on each one…stay tuned)

Do any of you use a bullet journal? If you do what do you track? Happy New Year!

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