The importance of having friends who motivate you

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Am I selfish if I cut friends off who aren’t bringing any substance to my life and vice versa? I don’t think so. Surrounding yourself with people who will motivate you is very important.

Imagine you have a great idea or you’re starting a business and you’re not feeling super confident about it. Having friends that are in your corner, egging you on, letting you know that what you’re doing is great or even telling you to explore other options can really change your perspective on things.

I have 5 good friends that I talk to when shit hits the fan. Actually, shit doesn’t necessarily have to hit the fan for me to talk to them. They give me advice, motivate me and the best part of it too, is that they tell me when I’m wrong or I’m “doing too much.” I value those friendships so I do the same for them.

I’ve been in friendships where I haven’t felt motivated. You don’t necessarily have to have the same dreams and aspirations as your friends to motivate them or be motivated by them. The five friends that I mentioned all have goals and they’re extremely focused on those goals. When I’m working on my goals and I have a period of dryness all I have to do to snap out of it is text one of my friends or see that they’ve reached a goal on social media. Talking to them really puts everything in perspective. “Tabia you’re being lazy” “Tabia I know you can get over this, go outside, watch YouTube, something, and get back to work.” My immediate friends know me so well. If I’m overworking myself and I start to get irritable, they know and they tell me to slow down.

Having these friends have really put a lot in perspective for me. They’ve taught me to keep an open mind, to check my attitude at the door, at to never EVER give up on any of the dream that I have no matter how much I fail. I feel motivated now more than ever thanks to them. Take my advice, find friends who motivate you.

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