Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. If you don’t have $100 to spend  and you still want to celebrate, let me tell you how.

Flowers, Candy and a Card

Make the person you love feel special. This trio does not cost too much money, but your partner is sure to feel special.

Eat In Dinner

If you live with your significant other or you are able to have them over, why not cook for them. A candle-lit dinner at a restaurant can set you back if you are on a budget. Make their favorite meal, light some candles, pour your favorite wine, lay a white table cloth and make it look nice.

Make a Scrapbook

If you’re creative, gather photos, draw and write how you feel about your partner. This shows that you are thoughtful and it comes from the heart.

Go on a Museum Date

Not everyone wants to celebrate by eating, but if you and your partner love museums, why not go on a museum date. You’re spending time with the one you love, doing something that you both like to do.

Movie Date

There are some good movies out right now, use this opportunity to go to the movies with the one you love. Depending on the weather where you live, you could also take nice walk in the park or on the street before or after the movie.

What are some ways that you spend Valentine’s Day on a budget?

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