My favorite course in college and how it shaped me

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Stacey Lauren-Kennedy/Gazette Photographer

I’ve forgotten the name of the course, but I definitely remember my professor, Michael Huber. A great guy.

I was pretty new in the Journalism Department and as a junior in spring semester, I needed to cram all of my classes in three semesters. This was no problem for me because I was very interested in the subject.

This class was mandatory for graduation so I definitely had no other choice. I remember my first day as if it was yesterday. I sat next to my then best friend, who liked to sit in the front of the class. I usually took the back because I’m tall and I want everyone else to see, but that’s besides the point.

The professor was 10 minutes late, and you all know how college students get. We were waiting for those 5 minutes to come before we could legally leave and go home. When he came, he apologized for his lateness (something came up at the newspaper). He handed out the syllabus and we went over it. We would have to do 4 creative projects. This was right up  my alley, because if there was anything that I liked to do, it was be creative and work on projects. The best part was this was all individual work. I didn’t have to rely on group work to pass the class.

I was excited because the professor was going to be teaching us how to effectively use WordPress. I’ve used WordPress prior to that class. Actually my very first blog, which is now defunct, was done on WordPress. Even back then, I had a creative eye and a strong attention to detail. I knew what was going to work for specific news stories and what wouldn’t work. I was going to learn so much in this class and do well.

That class is the reason for this blog and also why I think that I am a WordPress expert. That class also made me realize how flexible I am and how much I pay attention to details.

When we handed in our first project, I was sure that I didn’t do as well as I thought. I went to class that day and the professor asked if he could see me at his desk. I just knew it was going to be bad. “Tabia, you had the best project in the class.” I was in shock when I heard that. He also wanted me to keep the project running so that he could show future classes what a great example looked like. WOULD YOU LOOK AT THAT?!

I’m so glad that the class was mandatory and that I was able to take it and take valuable skills and lessons away from it. The professor and I ended up having a great professional relationship. We keep in touch here and there.

Have any of you taken a class, not necessarily in college, that shaped you and made you greater in some capacity? Let me know in the comments.

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