You know what they say about assumptions…

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“Girl, when I first met you I thought you were mean, but you’re mad cool.”

Okay, listen. You can thank my resting bitch face for that. Don’t mind me. I’m just a Brooklyn girl with this face so nobody undesirable will approach me.

“I’m very impressed by how much experience you have at such a young age.”

Yes, I wasn’t playing around in college and graduate school. I knew that I needed to have some sort of experience to get a job. My experience has shaped me, so please hire me so I can drive your company forward too.

“You’re so young you really have a Master’s Degree?”

My mom tells me that a lot of her friends are surprised and shocked about me having a Master’s at 23. Get used to it. There are a lot of people my age who have advanced degrees.

What are some assumptions that people make about you?

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