March Challenge: Thinking Positive

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It’s so easy for us to complain or have negative thoughts invade your psyche every now and then so that’s why I made it a point in the month of March to only think positive thoughts. If a negative thought started to come into my brain, I immediately stopped and turned it into positive thinking.

Because I’ve been doing this, I’ve felt very different about my life. I know people are always saying, “think positive”, “you never know” , “thinking positive brings positivity”, etc. To be honest, I thought it was just BS, but it actually works. The first couple of days I started out saying, “Today will be a great day!” Even if I knew somehow, someway something was going to get on my LAST nerve. But would you know, that just saying those words out loud or even in my head changed situations around?

Things that would get me upset, I laughed them off . I was surprised at myself. I kept going,anything I was doing I kept thinking positive. A month of no negativity has paid off, I’ll definitely continue this challenge and I urge you all to do the same.

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