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Dear Future Me,

I’m talking to you five years in the future. You’re 29 going on 30 how does that feel? Girl, I hope you are okay. Right now it’s looking VERY shaky, but I hope you made it out okay. I hope you are excelling in every aspect of your life. I am writing this letter as a very focused 24-year-old with tons of ideas on how I want her life to be, but I am afraid. I don’t want to be stuck in a dead end job where I’m not being fulfilled, I want to eventually work for myself, but having those doubts about money is scaring me.

Right now, there is a lot of planning going on. I’m taking this year one month at a time and focusing on one goal at a time because I’ve realized that’s what’s better for me. I hope you’re still implementing that way of reaching your goals. I know you’ve wanted to work for yourself for a very long time and I hope that you’ve had the chance to do so and that you are very successful. I hope you’re still being frugal and saving that coin for rainy days.

Are you married? Did you have a baby yet? Did you finally move out of the city? Are you happy? How’s mom and grandma? Have you taken time to visit your dad yet?  Did you finish writing that third book? I just really hope you are happy, paid and healthy.

Love you girl,


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