I stabbed myself with a pencil (story time)

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photo by: Torsten Dettlaff

This storytime will give you insight into how much of a fool I was in junior high school.

I believe I was in a 7th grade math class when this happened. I was sitting in my seat, in the back, with my good friends Ardana and Michael J. I know we were doing a “Do Now” exercise and I also know that the class was after lunch because I was super hyper. A little background, I was always laughing and happy even when I was supposed to be serious in class, it NEVER showed in my grades though.

Anyway, so we’re doing the “Do Now” assignment and I have my FRESHLY sharpened pencil in my hand. So I’m reading and doing the equations, checking my answers over and over and I get to the last question. At this point, I was bored so I finished the question and was twiddling my thumbs.

A couple of my other classmates and I used to like to dance and do exercises while the teachers back was towards us. My friend Brinet, who sat near the front, got up and started dancing. Like the 12-year-old we are, we were laughing and snickering and of course the teacher turned around and heard us and told us to be quiet. A couple of minutes later I decide to do some jumping jacks.

Remember that freshly sharpened pencil I told you about? Yeah, well it was still in my hands when I started doing the jumping jacks. WELL, on my third try…you can only imagine what happens next…the damn pencil finds its way in my middle finger. I quickly sat my ass down and took the pencil out of my finger. I couldn’t even tell the teacher what happened because I had NO business engaging in such foolery to begin with.

Luckily, I had a bandaid in my backpack and quickly wrapped it around my wound. 13 years later, and I still have a scar. When I look at the middle finger on my left hand I am reminded of my foolish antics back then. Sometimes I laugh at myself and other times I just shake my head.

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